Vanishing Oil

Metal Forming Lubricants has commercialized a series of vanishing oil lubricants for working all metal including yellow metals.

These vanishing oils require no secondary clean-up and leave a temporary coating that inhibits flash rust.

StampPro 9552 is a vanishing oil type lubricant. It is designed to be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous metals (including yellow metals, but not magnesium alloys) and allowed to dry before machining, stamping, or forming the parts. This product is designed for moderate duty metal removal and/or forming operations, and utilizes special non-staining extreme pressure agents to provide excellent lubricity for long tool life superior surface finish.


  • Very little residue left on the finished part.
  • Minimal to no cleaning of the finished part required.
  • Good tool life.
  • Good corrosion control.
  • Works on a verity of different metals (e.g. ferrous, aluminum, copper (not magnesium))
  • Low flammability as compared to traditional vanishing oil lubricants that utilize acetone solvent.